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National Suicide Prevention Day

Sep 11, 2017 | By Bob Helfant | No Comments

Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in the United States, the military population is particularly at-risk with 22 per DAY.

You don’t have to have a clinical background to do your part in reducing these numbers.

First, pay attention to and notice when people are showing signs of suicide such as:

  • Talking about wanting to die or to kill oneself.
  • Looking for a way to kill oneself.
  • Talking about feeling hopeless or having no reason to live.
  • Talking about feeling trapped or in unbearable pain.
  • Talking about being a burden to others.
  • Increasing the use of alcohol or drugs

Secondly, taking the time to let people know you are here and that you care.


  1. Direct them to the VA Hospital Emergency Room at the VA with support to get them there safely.
  2. Call 911.
  3. Contact the Veterans Crisis Line 800 273-TALK
  4. Text 838255
  5. CHAT Line http://home/ndvets/public_html/wp.veteranscrisisline.net/ChatTermsOfService.aspx

You can make a difference and thanks for caring.